My name is Jennifer Ashley Osme. I currently attend Archbishop Curly Notre- Dame High School. I am a sophomore and live with my grandparents. Most of my life I went to public school. It was February 10, 1994 when I was born into the world at Jackson Memorial Hospital. My child hood was tough. My mothers name is Gurline Osme,and fathers name is Wesley Francois. They had my sister June 14, 1991, a month after he graduated. My mommy was 16, and my daddy was 18 when they had my older sister Jessica. Jessica was born in the same hospital as me. When Jessica was 12 days old my aunt kicked my mom out of her house. She turned to my grandmother, Rose Marie Francois, for a place to live. She rented an efficiency home from my grandmother. My mom couldn’t support Jessica with the clothes and food that she needed so she left her in the hands of my grandma. Now Jessica is in Missouri, training to be in the army as a nurse. She is coming back in August.

Two years later my mother had me. While living with my mother we moved to different homes. Two years after, my brother, Isaiah Osme was born. April 26, 1996 was the happiest day of my life because I was an older sister. From there my mom moved in withher boyfriend, Tee Burden. (I don’t know his real name) at the time I attended Miami Shores Elementary life was good for my brother an I we were not spoiled, but if we asked for something we had to work for it. Isaiah attended a day care called Happy Kids. Around this time things became to get tough. My mom and Tee always had arguments and so we moved out. Then we lived with my grandmother. My brother and I reunited with Jessica and we all attended Biscayne Gardens Elementary. My grandmother told my mom to never see Tee again. We secretly slept over at his house on the weekends and told my grandmother that we went to our aunties’ house. After 7 years my younger brother Michael Beaubrun was born, February 21, 2001. His dads name is Jean Beabrun. At the time my mom was the manager of Publix. We were living big. Then we moved to an apartment across the street from W.J Bryan Tee wanted to marry my mom butwas having secret affairs with Jean.

One day when Tee came over to visit Isaiah and I Jean and my mom were fighting and he hit her leaving a bruise on her leg. Tee saw the bruise and knew that Jean did it. My mom told him that Jean wasn’t around then Tee saw jeans foot under the bed. He called the police and Jean was arrested.  We moved again and my brother and I attended Fulford Elementary. And that was the last time we ever seen our mother.  But life is good for me right now. I have loving family and great friends. I came into this program for great experience and to learn more about Miami.