Miami metro zoo



The Miami metro was hot but it was worth it. We saw many animals like a zonkey, rhinos, a red chest squirrel, sea otters sting rays, and other animal that you see in zoo. My favorite thing that we did in the zoo was when we feed the giraffes. There was one giraffe that would get mad if you didn’t feed it and it would hit you with it head. We also had a little around the park.



. South Beach Art Deco




The South Beach Art Deco was a very colorful place. The hotels are exotic and each building has a face. The windows are the eyes the blinds are the eyebrows the mouth is the door. The South Beach Art Deco is full of life and color I barely noticed if it was raining. My favorite thing about this field trip was the hotels. The hotels were exotic and most of the hotels had a theme like the jelly fish theme and the Aztec theme. The jelly fish themed hotel was my favorite. The lobby was grand and had modern furniture. The sounds of elevator music were calming. The South Beach Art Deco is a place that I would like to visit again.


      Coconut Grove




Coconut Grove has a rich history. It was originally settled by Bahamian men and a few pioneering families in the late 1800s. In the 1960s, the Grove was a hotbed of hippie culture. What I found most interesting about Coconut Grove is that there was a woman who was buried alive for 82 hours and she survived. Her family didn’t file any charges on the man who did it to her. Today she is still alive and has a family. Her husband is a graduate from Arch- Bishop Curley Notre Dame High School. Another thing is that the Bahamians who settled down here have an on going tradition. Each year on the Holy Saturday they paint their family members who died casket white or silver.


Little Haiti


What I know- little Haiti is small.

                Have a lot of little shops.

                A lot of Haitians.



What I want to know- how did the area come to be known as little Haiti?



What I learned- the area came to be known as little Haiti because a lot of Haitians migrated to that area. Notre dame church use to be an academy for girls only and it also has a day care, and a family services office.




Little Havana


What I know- NOTHING



What I want to know- about little havanas history and background. 



What I learned- every building is built to resemble early Spanish buildings. There is a park where people play dominoes. There are a lot of museums and art galleries. The streets are very clean.