I am


I am the cousin to horse

But way better looking.

I am wild but can be tamed.

I am tall and have a beautiful mane.

Bet you still don’t know my name.

I can be seen at the zoo.

What am I?



A zebra


           Gotta Love Miami



Beep! Beep! Crash.

Find my baby.

I don’t need you.

Sniffle! Sniffle!

I’m moving out.

Dis is Amerik I know my rights.

Imigracion paka fout bat mwen.

Weeeoooo! Weeeooo! Goes the police.

You aint got your green card you coming with me.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The stereo is on blast.

Ya! Ya! Ya! Ya! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

The neighbors scream at each other when they talk.

Prump! Poom! Prump!

Me friend cant play the trumpet.

Mi carason….. triage leche.

They can’t sing.

Stiiiiiiii! Poomph. Goes the fire crackers

For no good reason. We in the middle of March.

Gotta love Miami.


 Delli Shops





It’s so hot its beauty is almost an illusion.

Its smell of fried pork fills the air.

Zoes in the street sand storm sweeping their feet.


The grotesque sight of the decaying flesh of goat’s chickens and pigs.

Mountains so high and sparkles in the morning dew

Sand glitters in the after noon sun. Feel its rays as it gently warms you.

People wash their clothes in the river because the water is sweet. Magical festivals at night and bright lights take place of the stars.


People travel by foot, motorcycle, and car.

Don’t forget where you come from.

Haiti is beautiful.


I am




I am small with attitude.

I am a name with a meaning.

I am the click of a great idea.

I am those critters that you never seen.

I am the next move you will make.

I am a gift that you will take.

I am the cut you get when you fall.

I am the laughter you hear when a friend calls.



        I AM LIFE!!



Sip! Sip! Sip!

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Doosh! Doosh!

I think im big.

The wind takes me away like Victoria.

Please! Please! Ou paka bat mwen.

The epang picke me.